Mold Design & Manufacturing

Mold Design

We have a professional team of senior engineering staff in mold structure design. The team focuses on the development of mold for display products, keeps up with the development trend of the related structure design, and maintains the enterprise professional design standards in the light guide plate, plastic frame, rubber iron composite parts, IML molding, stamping parts, rubber parts and other molds.


Design Concept

The company provides a one-stop industrial chain from mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, stamping molding, IML molding and surface treatment to assembly, accumulates back-end experience and timely feeds back to the front-end mold development phase, realizing standard PDCA cycle and maximizing the internal benefit of the enterprise.

Mold design capability includes

1. We have experienced engineers, designers and technicians.

2. Zhongwang 2D/ 3D and solidworks authentic software are used during the design and manufacturing.

3. At the early planning stage, we used the mold flow simulation software to predict the molding defects.

4. We can assist the product R & D department to develop the corresponding mold.

5. We are proficient in the design and manufacturing of various molds.

Mold Flow Analysis Chart

The mold R & D department has a professional CAE team for mold flow analysis. A number of certified engineers are equipped with genuine mold flow analysis software. In addition to providing accurate mold flow analysis for customers, we will apply the analysis to the development of the whole product and mold, guide the casting scheme planning of the whole product, feasibility evaluation of product structure process, mold structure optimization, molding cycle optimization, injection molding process optimization, and track the whole product life cycle.

Mold Manufacturing

We have 1300 square meters of mold production workshop fully equipped with high-precision mold manufacturing equipment. We use advanced processing equipment to manufacture high precision injection mold and stamping mold. Our finishing department has a skilled manufacturing team which efficiently executes project plans to meet the requirements of R&D production.


Fixture Making Capability