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Ways Electron plans to invest 35 million Yuan in EASPEED to layout in high-end vehicle display field


Through investment, we are actively deploying new display industries. Following the layout of new display businesses such as Mini-Led and smart surfaces, Ways Electron continues to invest in aerial displays in the field of high-end automotive displays. On October 26, 2021, the company signed an agreement with relevant parties to invest EASPEED with 35 million yuan, and combined the advanced technologies and rich industrial resources of both parties in their respective fields to unlock more application scenarios and development potential of vehicle display. leading the global trend of human-computer interaction in automobiles. After the investment is completed, the company holds 5% of EASPEED. At the same time,the company signed an agreement to acquire a 40% stake in Chongqing Ways Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. at a price of 4 million, seizeing a new highland for the development of China's auto market. In the future, not only traditional backlight display modules, but also high-end products such as touch decorative panels, Mini-Led backlights, smart surfaces, and aerial imaging will be able to carry out in-depth cooperation with Southwest automakers through joint ventures.